The WL Story

Weddingline, because we see a Wedding like no one does.

We see venues in bare form and the limitless potential they have in being transformed into masterpieces......

From Marquees and Drapes to Flowers and Fabrics… everything we touch has a story… a story which is woven around you and your tastes.

We are a bunch of Planners, Conceptualizers, Architects, Engineers, Managers, Producers and above all Friends… who are ready to walk the line… and ensure it turns into a curve… a curve the world recognizes as a :-), and Smiles we call ‘Weddingline Smiles’.

We were born off a fine pedigree of seasoned event professionals from India in the year 2009. Our passion for excellence and being different led us to the emerging and ever evolving sector of Professional Wedding Management. We envisioned building an umbrella service, bringing under it a wide gamut of service providers who would work seamlessly to orchestrate the perfect wedding experience.

Today Weddingline is credited as being amongst the finest Wedding Consulting/Management firms in South Asia with a clientele that ranges from celebrities to some of the most renowned Families from India and the abroad.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Weddingline has established a successful Worldwide Associate Platform (WAP) which allows it to execute a project in any part of the globe. Weddingline representatives are available across India, South East Asia, Europe, America, Canada, South Africa and Australia.